We regret to say that Audrey Lawson Johnston who was the last remaining sole surviver on the Lusitania, passed away January 10th 2011. Thanks go to Nick of BBC Radio Shropshire for this sad news.
Audrey Lawson Johnston
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Diving the wreck of the Lusitania
For information including an audio interview with the people diving on the wreck of the Lusitania and the Amunition thats now been found inside click here.  Background Information click here. 
The Home Port of R.M.S. Lusitania Lusitania Online
A new documentary DVD has just been released, detailing the story of how Captain Turner was treated by those in power after the ship they loaded with an explosive cargo andthen failed to protect, was sunk. For details of this excellent production, follow this link.
A Dammed Dirty Business
Lusitania Medal Book Released “Commemoration of Death: the medals of the Lusitania murders”
Just in time for readers to appreciate the centennial commemoration of the controversial sinking of the Lusitania on May 5, 1915 and the loss of 1,198 lives, the book, “Commemoration of Death: the medals of the Lusitania murders,” has been released by author Greg Burns. Follow this link for further details
“Dark Secrets of the Lusitania” A new program now showing on the National Geographic Channel Please click HERE to go to the Channels’s website for more information.
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